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Amy Fraughton

Amy Fraughton is the Founder of Photo Business Tools, one of the top marketing companies catering to professional photographers.

Miss. E., Wedding Photographer

Had only 3 weddings booked in 2016 before our program, has more than doubled her weddings for 2017 and is on track for $100K!

Miss A., Everything Photographer

Ended 2016 just shy of her $100K goal for the year as an "everything" photographer!

Miss S., Family Photographer

Started with 0 paid sessions and 0 emails. Finished with 360 emails a handful of sessions and her first $800 session!

Miss A., Boudoir Photographer

Was stuck at $8k months, now is consistently bringing in $10k - $14K, and has more time to take care of her health!

Miss C., Family Photographer

Was ready to quit because of burnout. Had her most successful fall season ever!

Miss T., Newborn and Birthing Photographer

Booked more Birth Sessions in 2017 than she planned, and she is established as "the" photographer in her area!